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Major Aerospace Supplier For more than 40 years, Fancort has been a world leader in the design and fabrication of lead forming and cutting equipment primarily for SMDs and through-hole applications. We offer a wide selection of equipment and services to meet requirements from prototype to moderate production, specializing in processing high-reliability devices to exacting tolerances. Fancort Industries is ITAR registered as of 15-May-2008 (Registration Code is M22953) and approved NASA and Johnson Space Center supplier of Forming Services, including tinning and lead forming tools systems and tools. Fancort is NASA Certified for soldering STD 8739.3 with Change #4. Fancort customers include the following engineering schools: NASA, MIT, John Hopkins, JPL, U of NH, MN, NM, TX and AZ. We are also a major supplier to the national labs system: Sandia, Draper, Fermi and Los Alamos. In the USA and overseas. Fancort is also a major supplier of tools and services to most of the major space and defense companies. Click here to view tooling customer list.

Flex System Two-Sided Universal System One-Sided SMT Lead Cutters
Lead Forming Services
SMT Bench-Top Air Press
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