Automated robotic soldering meet demands that are too difficult for hand soldering


Industry leader in the design and fabrication of SMT lead forming and cutting equipment

Component Processing Services

leader in component Processing Services for Semiconductor, Defense and Aerospace industries

Hot Bar Soldering & Bonding

Fancort's Hot Bar Bonding & Soldering machines for flex circuits are easy to use, robust and economical

Robotic Screw Fastening

Robotic Screw Fastening systems save time and reduce errors

PCB Depaneling

the widest selection of PCB depaneling machines from any one company

PCB Handling Racks

the largest selection of PCB Assembly and Handling racks for storage and handling


We've been building pneumatic and servo presses for the aerospace industry for over 40 years

Featured Product

Robotic soldering solutions from Japan UNIX and Fancort with contact, laser or ultrasonic soldering to deliver perfect soldering every time with reduced labor costs.

Fancort soldering solutions include two methods of non-contact soldering for applications where contact soldering is not suitable. These include laser soldering using a UNIX soldering system, and microflame soldering with Spirflame® technology.
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